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About us

Viglacera is a pioneer business in the Vietnamese market in the production of autoclaved aerated concrete with leading European technology lines of HESS AAC SYSTEMS (Federal Republic of Germany).

With a team of experienced domestic and international experts, we are proud to be a reputable manufacturer in Vietnam capable of successfully manufacturing reinforced panel and anti- corrosion protection layer, opening up a new step for the development of the construction industry. Autoclaved aerated concrete products of Viglacera have been selected for use in many large-scale domestic projects and works and have been exported to Japan, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.

In the context of green material development, green buildings are an inevitable trend. Viglacera autoclaved aerated concrete products with 3 criteria: Green in production, Green in construction and Green in use are becoming the number 1 choice for investors, contractors, design consultants.




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